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Solar ThinkingA Commitment to Moving Forward

With our solar power investment, we’re committed to sustainability, the economy and the future – yours and ours.


We recently finished a 35,000 square-foot solar photovoltaic power plant that will provide more than 80% of the electricity needed to power our manufacturing plant, while also dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. We used only local and regional labor for the project and all of our resources were produced regionally or made in America, putting action behind our stated commitment to the local and U.S. economy. Our goal is to be competitive in the marketplace while investing in our future.


Our operations in Belchertown, Mass. and Athens, N.Y. place Northeast Treaters within 100 miles of all major northeastern metropolitan areas. We keep a broad residential, industrial and commercial product mix with the best combination of price, quality, service, and reliability. We offer the only enclosed facilities in the region, so our products are always at their peak.


Northeast Treaters has had a single focus: to deliver high-quality treated lumber to companies in the Northeast. Contact us with your needs or questions and a knowledgeable representative will be in touch with you shortly.