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End Uses

MicroPro® treated lumber and other products can be used for interior and exterior uses. Exterior uses include above ground, ground contact, and fresh water contact.

End Use Classifications for MicroPro® Pressure Treated Wood Products

IMPORTANT: Treated Wood End Use Information

The two most common service conditions for treated wood are “Above Ground Use” (UC3B) and “Ground Contact Use” (UC4A). It is important when specifying Above Ground or Ground Contact treated wood products that the intended end use application for the treated wood is determined.

When using treated wood in “close proximity” to the ground or in applications in or around fresh water areas, it is recommended that all treated wood products used be treated to a “Ground Contact” preservative retention level.

Examples for “close ground proximity” are ground level deck joists and beams or surface decking, joists and beams subject to frequent wetting from moisture sources such as swimming pools, hot tubs and air conditioning units.

Examples for fresh water areas are stationary and floating dock platforms, dock joists and beams subject to water immersion or frequent wetting from wind, waves, water level changes or other factors.

Architectural Specifications

Projects should be designed and installed in accordance with federal, state, local building codes, and ordinances governing construction in your area and in accordance with the National Design Specifications (NDS), and the Wood Handbook.

View the MicroPro® Construction Product Specification Guide.

MicroPro® Building Code Approvals

MicroPro® preservative systems, as described in the ICC - ES Reports, ESR-2240, meet all major model building code requirements.

Have a look at some of the beautiful projects that have been done using MicroPro® Treated Wood in the gallery below!