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Business PhilosophyOur Core Values and Vision

Northeast Treaters Lumber Transport

Customer Focus

At Northeast Treaters, we never forget who keeps this business going: our customers. That’s why we work to provide all the things a customer could ask of a treater: fast answers, a complete inventory, all types of treatments, specialty timbers and grades of lumber, mixed loadings, and more. The person who handles your inquiry is located right at the plant for reliable, accurate information that has the authority to make decisions. When you hang up the phone, you’ll know what’s available, what it will cost and when you can expect delivery.

Hands-on Management

At Northeast Treaters, we have worked hard to develop the facilities, inventory and services our customers expect. That’s why with more than half a century of combined industry experience, our senior management team knows there’s more to a buying decision than cost per foot. Our management style keeps us in constant touch with changing market needs and new products, enabling Northeast Treaters to compete effectively. We’ll work to save you time, provide accurate information and help you make the right product decisions for your business.

Northeast Treaters is your single-source supplier, stocking the complete range of pressure treated products. For our customers servicing the residential, industrial and commercial markets, we offer the best combination of price, products, quality, service, and reliability.


A wood preserving plant can’t make your lumber look better, but it sure can make it look worse. At Northeast Treaters, every effort is made to source quality lumber and ourfacilities are set up to make sure your lumber looks as good leaving as it did coming in. For example, edge protectors and plastic coated banding are applied to prevent gouging and rust marks. All fire retardant wood is paper wrapped, and all untreated material arrives at our facility protected from the weather.“

Every season the market will throw us a twist, a new product or perhaps an acute shortage of a standard item. It is our relationships with our supplying saw mills that enable Northeast Treaters to alter their production to obtain the products our customers need – FAST.”
David Reed, President

Northeast Treaters is in business for the long haul, so we continually reinvest profits into our production processes. All manufacturing and support equipment is designed for the job and properly maintained. Our yard is paved to facilitate fast loading and maintain top quality, and storage areas are covered to protect wood from sun and weather. Additional investments have been made to serve our customers with advanced information systems:

This dedication to our business has won the loyalty of customers who know Northeast Treaters delivers a quality product, every time.


In response to recent changes in the chemical process requirements for pressure treated lumber, Northeast Treaters has undergone extensive analysis and modification of wood preservative systems and our manufacturing facilities. Our plants are all computer controlled and able to apply any additive to the treating solution necessary such as water repellants, color, or mildecides in order to continuously supply the pressure treated wood products your market demands.

Treating Services Only and Custom Kiln Drying Services are also available. Our maximum annual capacity now exceeds 175 million board feet, so we are able to supply even the largest lumber resellers. With continuous-line manufacturing operations in central Massachusetts and Eastern New York, Northeast Treaters is ideally located to serve customers in the six New England states, eastern New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Shipping & Distribution

Northeast Treaters is located to take full advantage of the freight flow of wood. Freight contracts are in place to procure raw materials reliably and at the lowest cost by rail, from all three major wood producing regions:

Operations in Belchertown, Massachusetts and Athens, New York, place Northeast Treaters within 100 miles of all major metropolitan areas in the northeast. Same-day or next-day delivery is available in most cases.

We’re a prompt-ship business, so we keep a broad product mix on hand at all times. When you need pressure treated wood, Northeast Treaters can get it to you fast.

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